Jane with the Cuban Ambassador to Britain, Her Excellency Esther Armenteros Cárdenas

Exeter and South Devon comrade and artist-potter Jane Yates donated a large coilpot for the recent Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) exhibition, Beyond the Frame (23-28 April in London. 7-13 May in Glasgow).

She explained that the CPB branch has been affiliated to CSC since it was formed and has had Cuban film nights and CSC stalls in Exeter High Street. Last year the branch managed to organize a Plymouth CSC group.

Jane became actively involved in the 'Free the Miami 5' campaign after her first visit to Cuba in 2003. She has been writing to and receiving letters from the five prisoners ever since. For more information go to www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/miami5

Jane coiled the pot titled 'Reflection' 56cmx32cm. The glazing showed 5 lines coming from the inside over the rim and onto the outside of the vessel and was signed and dated 'with love for the Cuban5'.

"It was a privilege to play a small part it this tremendous exhibition, and I  urge people reading this to get involved and join CSC" said Jane.

Antonio Guerrero, artist and one of the Miami 5, writes,

"The long imprisonment hasn't been able to destroy any of the principles on which we were formed. The long imprisonment has been defeated by love and art".