“The problem with the No Campaign is that they have got their arguments wrong – the problem with the Yes Campaign is that they have got their facts wrong” said Tim Gulliver, South Devon Branch Secretary at a local meeting this week.

The Communist Party, which has supported changing the electoral system to a proportional one since 1944, has called AV “a red herring. . . entrenching the worst aspects of First Past The Post”.

As both the “yes” and “no” campaigns assert that AV will either give more, or too much, influence to the smaller parties, the position of the Communist Party may seem unexpected.


“In fact AV takes influence away from smaller parties,” Tim explains. “It will make politics a dull and middle of the road arena where politicians try and chase as many second choice votes as possible. Smaller political parties may pick up a few first choice votes, but these will quickly be eliminated and the same old parties will mop up the second preferences”.

The Communist Party rejects the mainstream “no” campaign's fear tactics. AV would not cost a huge sum of money, nor would it hand power to extremists. AV does not undermine our democracy, nor does it improve it.

It is not only a “miserable little compromise” it is a dangerous diversion from true democratic reform.