On the 19th of December Eric Pickles and the Department for Communities and Local Government published the ever-so-helpful guide "50 ways to save: examples of sensible savings in local government".

Introduced by the Secretary of State himself, local authorities are confidently told:

Every bit of the public sector needs to do their bit to pay off the budget deficit inherited from the last administration, including local government which accounts for a quarter of all public spending. . . the message is clear - this is about a change in culture,

repeating the Government lie that the deficit is solely the fault of overspending by the Labour administration, and that the only solution is rapid, centrally dictated, liberalisation and privatisation of local services.

The document has many helpful solutions, including the ubiquitous "share back office services", the laughable "open a coffee shop in the library" and an all out attack on workers rights "scrap trade union posts".

The Communist Party utterly rejects the need for cuts in services and local government funding and calls for policies that will restore true local democracy and grant local control over financial and economic matters in line with the People's Charter.