Today, 10th of January, Honda has announced the cull of 800 jobs at its plant in Swindon. Company bosses released a statement describing the need to "realign Honda's business structure" - with little regard for the livelihoods of the workforce.

This follows reports last July of a four-fold increase in Honda's earnings and profits of £1.1 billion in the second quarter of last year and record annual sales for 2012, including 1% growth in Europe.

Communist Party District Secretary Ken Keable commented, "once again we see a global corporation able to move capital  at a whim with little regard for the communities they leave behind. This is another example of why Britain needs a radical alternative economic and social policy that would put Britain back on its feet.

"This would be funded by a fundamental shift of wealth and resources from the private ownership of the super-rich to investment in infrastructure, production and services on behalf of the people."