Communist Party of Britain: Swindon & District Branch

The sacking of workers at Honda shows once again that the lives of ordinary people are ignored when the bosses backed by this Con-Dem government fail in their responsibilities. Why is it that Honda has lost it's share of the European market whilst Nissan, also Japanese owned, also located in the UK, has exported almost 50% of last years record exports of 1.2 million vehicles? This was the highest total for 5 years. Land Rover selling in the Asian market have also done well.

A source at the Department of Work and Pensions in Swindon has made it clear that they are expecting not the 800 jobs initially reported to be lost but nearly double that at 1500. These are just the job losses at Honda. The domino effect on other suppliers to Honda is not yet known.

Workers at the factory know that Honda management are aiming to achieve 70% of the workforce on one year contracts. The destabilising effect of such an objective is immense; 1500 thrown out of work and a move where workers lose their rights as employees. Protection evaporates. Fees of up to £1200 to take an employer to an Employment Tribunal; no legal aid for representation at an Employment Tribunal; no unfair dismissal for 2 years; and now the sickening prospect of being taken on for 1 year only. How does a working person plan his or her life with such conditions of work? It has always been easy for the City fat cats and their friends to hire and fire workers in the UK but now it is becoming simple. How long before workers are queuing at factory gates in order to be taken on. That is the kind of flexibility that Honda would love.

The Con-Dem government and their City friends care little for the damage they do and continually declare they need total freedom to cut wages, reduce living standards and sack workers. This is done in order to protect their own inflated salaries and bonuses. Attacks on benefits, rising food prices and transport costs mean that a Honda employee facing the sack is looking at a bleak time ahead. This won't worry Cameron and his cronies.

We need more protection for workers and jobs. We need workers to engage with their Trade Unions and take on those who would see them in poverty. We need strong employment law and the ability to take failing enterprises into public ownership.