The Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire branch celebrated May Day this year with a very successful pub quiz. Mick reports from a very well attended, and by the sounds of it absolutely hilarious, event.

We (Bristol, Bath & Gloucester Branch CPB) decided to hold a pub quiz as our Mayday celebration. Having checked with the Trades Council and others that no events were going to take place on May 1st, we booked the upstairs room of an historic old pub on Bristol's docks (The Nova Scotia), produced a very good flyer with the hammer & sickle on it and started telling friends and comrades.

We saw the quiz's functions, and therefore the yardstick for measuring success or failure, as making new friends amongst trade unionists, former party members and sympathisers generally as a start of a branch building process. We also wanted to promote our branch programme of public and semi public meetings. We recently moved our monthly meetings to Tony Benn House in central Bristol, with enormous help from comrades in Unite, and have made every third one a public meeting, with the others open from 8pm for the political discussion. Each quiz pack had our programme in it, as well as many more distributed on the night.

As well as this we wanted the quiz to raise some funds and, lastly, we wanted to have some fun and we wanted communists to be seen as ordinary people who can laugh and socialise.

The quiz exceeded all targets set for it, and we have already outgrown our venue. To get 30 to 40 people packed in to the room on a Wednesday evening is quite a feat, and the quiz is now, by popular demand, going to be held twice a year. Mayday and on the anniversary of the October revolution. (November 7th this year).

Obviously this will in some years clash with other organised events. In that eventuality we shall move our quiz date by a day or two.

The inaugural quiz was won by a team of Bristol City fans who called themselves the 'League One Specialists'! The Differently Successful prize (sometimes patronisingly called a wooden spoon) went to a team called 'Universally Challenged', and most people agreed that they were aptly named!

The quiz was held in a wonderful atmosphere with lots of banter, and some pretty good performances. We think we've hit on a winner.

With that in mind, we would be very glad to share our new found expertise, and even the questions, with any other branches that may want to give it a go.

The next Bristol event is a public meeting on the 12th of June "There can be know future for the people of Europe within the EU"