The Communist Party of Britain condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria - whoever may be responsible. At the same time the CPB totally opposes the deployment of chemical weapons being used as a pretext for war - as they were previously in 2003 in Iraq.

As in 2003, military intervention is being actively prepared before any proof of responsibility has been established by the UN investigators and the UN Security Council. As in 2003, military intervention would be illegal under international law and the UN Charter.

It would kill any hope of a negotiated settlement. It would inflict untold suffering on the Syrian people. It would also threaten a conflagration engulfing other countries across the Middle East, particularly Lebanon and Iraq.

The proposed use of British sovereign territory, at the Akrotiri base in Cyprus, places a special responsibility on the British trade union and labour movement to mobilise the maximum opposition. The Labour Party must not repeat its mistakes of 2003 and should heed the opposition to war of Germany, China and Russia and a clear majority of the British people.