Report finds 45% of South West renters live in unfit conditions - taken from Inside Housing.

A study has revealed today that 45 per cent of homes for private rent in the South West of England are either damp, dangerous, cold or in a bad state of repair.

The NatCen study commissioned by Shelter showed that almost half the renters in conditions where 'rogue'  landlords aren't maintaining their properties are having their 'health and wellbeing' put at risk.

Local authorities have received 27,000 complaints about landlords in the last four years from renters and according to the charity.

The number of households living in PRS homes in the area shot up by more than half over the last ten years.

The charity has seen distressing cases of families living in with dangerous levels of damp, mould and disrepair. A recent Shelter survey found that 1 in 8 renters in the south west say their health has been affected by rogue landlords failing to carry out repairs.

Campbell Robb, Shelter chief executive, said: 'Families should never be forced to live in a place where their health and well-being is at risk, so the fact that nearly half of those renting privately in the south west are living in bad housing is shocking.

'Across the region, we hear from parents trapped in unsafe properties owned by landlords refusing to carry out their responsibilities, posing serious health risks to themselves and their children.'

In response to these findings, Shelter is launching a campaign in the region calling on local councils to do all they can to stamp out rogue landlords in their area.