RMT leader Bob Crow in Bridgwater last October to commemorate the founding of Bridgwater Trades Union Council.

To all members of the RMT,

I and my comrades are shocked, and deeply saddened, to hear of the sudden and untimely death of dear Bob Crow. On behalf of all communists in South West England and Cornwall, I offer you, and all sisters and brothers in the RMT, our heartfelt sympathy. Bob was a great trade union leader and a working class hero and we are strengthened and inspired by his example.

As our General Secretary Robert Griffiths said: 'The left and the labour movement have lost a great champion of workers and their families across the world. Bob was a deeply committed and principled socialist who fought as hard for the working class as our political enemies fight for the capitalist class. That's why he has earned the undying affection and respect of millions of workers - and the undying hatred of the right-wing mass media'.

Our work with the RMT continues.

In solidarity,

Ken Keable,
District Secretary, South West England and Cornwall District, Communist Party of Britain.