This letter from North Devon Branch Secretary Gerrard Sables has appeared in several South West newspapers. Here we reprint it in full.

Dear Editor

Derek Sargeant Chair of the UKIP Torridge and West Devon constituency association is trying to get support for his party by highlighting Maria Miller's greed in claiming too much in expenses.

In 2009 13 UKIP MEPs were elected. Since then five of them have either been expelled or have resigned from the party. So you have a good chance of not getting what you vote for if you vote UKIP.

UKIP are unique in the European Parliament as being the first party to have had one of its members sent to prison for overclaiming expenses. Tom Wise was sent down for two years in November 2009. Other of their MEPs have been forced to repay large amounts.

UKIP seem to accept disgruntled or disgraced Tories. Two come to mind Neil Hamilton who as a Tory MP disgraced his party by asking questions for cash and David Parsons who as Tory Chair of Leicestershire County was involved in an expenses scandal. Parsons was Labour before becoming Tory. Now he's UKIP.

Surely those who live in glass houses .............

Gerrard Sables