The Chair of the South West of England and Cornwall District and National Women's Organiser addresses the party's political and executive committee, as reported in the Morning Star:



Communists condemn West's grab for Libyan oil

Britain's communists condemned the West's role in Libya today, saying that Nato's scramble for access to the country's enormous oil and gas resources has begun even before the killing has stopped.

Communist Party of Britain executive member Liz Payne told the party's political committee meeting: "The real motive for Britain and Nato's decisive intervention in Libya is becoming clearer by the day.

"The Nato bombing campaign in Libya has nothing to do with democracy, justice or humanitarian concern - it is motivated by Western imperialism's drive to control the hugely profitable and essential natural resources across the whole 'greater' Middle East region."


Ms Payne was responding to recent reports that major British, US, Spanish, and Italian oil companies have expressed their eagerness to exploit the biggest reserves of crude oil in Africa.

France's President Sarkozy, who led the calls for Nato intervention, has claimed that Libya's Transitional National Council has promised France control of 35 per cent of the country's oil production.

The party's women's organiser went on to warn that the unity "cobbled together" by Nato in the fight to remove Colonel Gadaffi's regime would not last.

"The cracks are beginning to show, within and between the Western-backed Transitional National Council and the local military committees that have done most of the fighting, the latter containing significant Islamist as well as secular elements who have no intention of handing Libya's oil and gas resources to foreign transnational corporations," she declared.

"These divisions will deepen as the conflicting interests of the different imperialist powers come increasingly to the fore," Ms Payne said.

She supported the African Union's call for talks to end the fighting and establish democracy and national independence in Libya.

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Anti-racist demo

The political committee congratulated anti-racist, anti-fascist and local community campaigners for turning out in Tower Hamlets last Saturday to reinforce the ban on the English Defence League marching through the area.

It urged mass turnouts for the Uprise Anti-Racism Festival in Dalston, east London, on Sunday September 25, and the Cable Street 75 anniversary march and rally on Sunday October 2.

Festival and rally

The party reiterated its opposition to so-called free schools which, say communists, are "the thin edge of a big business wedge intended to privatise the state education system."

Abortion rights

The committee welcomed the Commons defeat of Tory MP Nadine Dorries's attempt to undermine the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and abortion rights.