Taken from communist-party.org.uk

The following statement was dopted by the CP Executive Committee at the weekend.

In March 2011, the Communist Party of Britain opposed UN resolution 1973 (2011) for a no-fly zone over Libya as providing cover for external military intervention by imperialist powers.

Eight months later, the CPB continues to oppose this intervention. A minimum of 30,000 people have been killed and much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed as the conflict continues.

 Last week, Britain’s Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Lord Green, visited Libya to seek orders for British companies to rebuild this infrastructure and also to make bids for establishing new systems of health, education, telecommunications and banking. This well illustrates the primary objective of those external powers that have intervened: control over Libya’s immensely valuable resources. For France, which led the intervention, the objective was also to consolidate its political grip over sub-Saharan Africa as well as to secure Libya’s hydrocarbons. These constitute the largest reserve in Africa and provided up to 15 per cent of the global supply of high-grade petroleum prior to the war.

Throughout, the CPB has supported the initiatives of the African Union to broker a peaceful settlement between the government of Col. Gaddafi and his opponents. In the estimation of the Communist Party, the government of Col Gaddafi was never socialist. Although it carried out some progressive social policies, it used repressive measures against all criticism and opposition, including banning the Libyan Communist Party. But the UN sanction for the intervention sets immensely dangerous precedents for military intervention in sovereign states in ways that are directly contrary to the principles of the UN Charter.

Any government put in place by the NATO coalition and not by the Libyan people democratically can have no legitimacy.


October 1 2011