Below is a press release issued by the South Devon Branch for the forthcoming CPB speaking tour. It provides a useful model for other branches to use.

Poster advertising the speaking tourCPB Speaking Tour comes to Exeter

The nationwide Communist Party speaking tour is to make four stops in the South West of England. Launching the new edition of the party's programme, Britain's Road to Socialism, the open public meetings will discuss why Britain needs socialism more than ever, and how it can be achieved.

The events have been described by general secretary Robert Griffiths as the “biggest and most extensive party campaign in decades” and will “roll out discussion of the CP Programme and take it through meetings and education sessions, a national speaking tour and conferences”.

As well as promoting the new edition of the party programme, the meetings coincide with the launch of a new district website, the unveiling of a new district banner and a growing membership and increasing branch activity across the region.

The Devon meeting takes place in Exeter on Monday the 17th of October at 19:30 in the Phoenix Arts Centre. Speakers include Robert Griffiths the CP general secretary and Liz Payne, South West District chair.

Full details of the tour can be found at and via the South Devon CPB Facebook page