"In taking strike action, marching and rallying next Wednesday, millions of workers and their supporters will reaffirm a deep commitment to maintaining democratic rights in Britain", Liz Payne declared at a meeting of the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday.

She attacked government, business and police representatives whose response to protesting workers and students has been "paramilitary policing, kettling and threats of a new round of anti-trade union laws".

The CPB women's organiser and South West District Chair called for a massive turnout on picket lines, marches and demonstrations across Britain on the November 30 TUC day of action.

 "When it comes to public sector pensions, working people and their families really are all in it together", she insisted. "Demanding decent pension terms for public servants is also to demand decent pensions for all, good quality public services for all, a shorter working life, more jobs for young people and an end to privatisation made possible by degrading public sector pensions schemes".

But Ms Payne, an activist in Britain's biggest public sector union Unison, argued that November 30 needs to herald a sustained period of mass popular and industrial action.

"This unelected Tory-led coalition and its policies without a mandate will not be halted by a national demonstration or day of action every six months", she pointed out.

Britain's communists urged local campaigns to be built in every town and city against cuts in public services, bringing together trades councils, trade unions, community groups, students, pensioners and the unemployed.

"Generalised strike action uniting public and private sector workers, backed by public opinion, can shake the foundations of this illegitimate government of the rich, by the rich for the rich", the CPB political committee declared.