The latest poem from communist poet Bobbie-Jo Treglown

Many pensioners are suffering 
But others just complain 
Because the world keeps changing 
How could? 
Why should! 
Life stay the same 

A new ethnic group emerges
Elitist, racist, cold
The Silver Nazis numbers grow
Never die
Nor change with the times
They just get old

They find windmills repellent kids know what's required
So very much more to save our world
Their future's priceless
Keep your pearls!
Hasn't your power to vote expired?

Young humankind will integrate
Bring love where you are hissing hate
Go spend your kids inheritance
Stop using your grey prevalence
Preventing progress, halting good
You fear your changing neighbourhood

This is life
It moves on
So must you
Until you are gone.

BJ Treglown