Over three hundred people joined the "We are Bournemouth" demonstration on Saturday (23rd of August) against an EDL march planned on the same day.

Gathered on Horseshoe Common, religious and union representatives gave moving speeches before the anti-fascist protesters marched to the promenade. Shoppers joined the lively march which was supported by music from the English Disco Lovers.

Following the march our resident poet penned the following

We are Bournemouth!
Rich with history
So stupid were the EDL
To choose a town
I know so well

A counter rally was our choice
With music love
And peace and voice

Flags Red, flags Black
Unions, Yellow and Green
Yet not a Tory flag was seen

Perhaps behind the EDL
Those tories crouched?
UKIP as well

Your future phobic palid faces
Won't be winning any races.