First launched in 1935 the Country Standard journal is now run by an editorial collective of Communist and Labour members, environmentalists and trade unionists.

When CS was established in 1935, our founders wrote about their aims: peace, socialism and unity of town and country workers. These are the principles that continue to inspire us today. We won’t stop writing or campaigning "till the wrong is put right". We invite you to join with us.

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In 2012 the activists behind the Country Standard launched the Countryside Charter to build the campaign for real change in rural Britain.

Summer 2012

Inside this issue: Mary Creagh on food poverty, Campaign Charter Page, Tolpuddle Supplement, Rebellion by poor men, A flaming spirit, On the road for climate jobs

Summer 2011

Inside this issue: Save the AWB, McPhun on urban gardens, Giant pig factories, Countryside charter, Join the rural revolt, Against fascism