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As the dust settles on the Prime Minister’s much-vaunted "renegotiation" of the terms on which he hopes Britain will remain a member of the European Union, the media have quickly moved on to the soap opera of which leading Tories will end up on which side.

Pundits can hardly be blamed for not focusing on the detail of the supposed concessions David Cameron has snatched from Brussels.

The "emergency brake" on in-work benefits for migrants who are working and paying tax in Britain is not only a demonstration of the Nasty Party’s nastiness, but is also of a piece with the Tory war on all workers, whether born here or abroad: the Institute for Fiscal Studies says 2.6 million families will be an average £1,600 worse off each year as they are moved from tax credits to universal credit.

As for the celebrated treaty amendment, stating that the commitment to "ever closer union" does not apply to Britain, this certainly does not mean Britain "can never be forced into political integration."

Provisions in the Stability and Growth Pact preventing governments from borrowing to invest in their country's economic future, clauses in the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties prohibiting state aid for industry and demanding the privatisation of public monopolies - such rules have political repercussions.

WW1 is here and now

No need for 2 or 3

Peace has never been allowed

The rich fucked over humanity

The conspiracies are a conspiracy

Left and right fight dog and cat

Eat, buy drugs, fight, die repeat

No sanctity in life is crap

Escape the construct

Lose the lie

Make a difference when you die

WW1 is here, it's cloaked

For us it does not end

We fight for peace Oh what a joke

We've a conspiracy to defend

This is not real, you are not here

This is not here, you are not real

The war could never be survived

We are not here, contrived, contrived

We died, we died, we died.

Comrade B-J Treglown

This coming year will one of enormous challenges and opportunities for the Communist Party, its members and supporters.

We face a ruling class offensive – spearheaded by a very right-wing Tory government – which aims to privatise health and education, dismantle the Welfare State, incapacitate the trade unions, restrict our rights to protest, keep Britain shackled to the EU and acquire a new generation of weapons of mass destruction.

This places a duty on every Communist Party member and organisation to do their utmost in the trade union movement, the People’s Assembly, the National Assembly of Women, CND, Stop the War and campaigning bodies to ensure that 2016 is a year of heightened mass and class struggle.

All CP branches must draw up their plans for the coming twelve months if they have not already done so. These should include not only key campaigning activities, but also initiatives on the Morning Star and political education fronts.