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VOTE, though your feet are aching 
VOTE, though your back is breaking 
When there are crowds on their feet we'll make heat! 

VOTE through your fear and sorrow
VOTE and maybe tomorrow
You'll see a fair world coming true, it's due

Fight all the hate with glory!
Hide every trace of Tory
Fascists go home, you are out on your own

Now you must keep on trying!
VOTE! What's the use of crying
You'll find that there's an anti-dote
If you just VOTE

Comrade Mrs Bobbie-Jo Treglown

BoNehill-Paine and the BNP
You have a Jewish problem?
Bigots Not Politicians!
You really want to pogrom?
Then I think we have a problem!
No March up Stamford Hill in March
What Jewification?
Your justification! For what?
Are you scared of Jews? Kosher food?
Klezmer music give you the blues?
How about Muslims, Gays and Blacks?
Bet women don't like you either come to that!
You will not pass to preach your shit
Not Stamford Hill not any bit
No inch no way. This is our day
No hate, equal, we integrate
Bonehill-Paine this is not a white state!

At the 53rd congress of the communist party, general secretary Robert Griffiths calls for the workers of Britain to unite and to organise to clear out the Coalition government as soon as possible.


Time appears to be accelerating. Capitalism hurtles towards global warming, climate chaos, ever more deadly pandemics and a state of continuous rearmament and war, while long-standing social inequalities and injustices persist and fester.

This is not the New World Order promised by former US President George Bush Sr. after collapse and counter-revolution in the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

This is not a new epoch of freedom and democracy, in which the world’s peoples enjoy universal health, welfare, education, shelter and sanitation financed in part by a massive ‘peace dividend’.

But it is the New World Order which communists foresaw as the inevitable consequence of a world dominated by giant financial and industrial corporations whose interests are promoted by state power in Britain, the USA, Germany, France and the other major imperialist countries.

Big business power – economic, social, cultural and political – strives to negate democracy in the real sense of the term, namely, rule by the people; the possession of real power in the hands of the working class and therefore of the mass of the people.

For monopoly capitalism, the democratic rights that people have fought for and won represent a challenge: how to ensure that those freedoms are not mobilised to challenge the vested interests of capitalism? How to restrict the ability of trade unions, social movements and political parties of the left to bring about real change in the interests of the working class and the people generally?