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The Racist Spread 
Made for crusty, British bread 

Farage, Farage 
You suave fromage 
Mad white folks messiah 
A Mosley visage 

Your followers, bland 
Eat the flavour of fear 
We will never forget 
The last time you were here 

The future is bold 
We have taste, we have vision 
You out-of-date-mould 

Farage, Farage
We are neighbours and friends
Your elite-white-collage?
Marx my words is at end!

Mrs BJ Treglown

It was the morning after the most influential man of my lifetime had passed away. Venezuela was in mourning and so was I. I walked into the school building to find that a last minute assembly had been called - surely, I thought, it will be some kind of remembrance presentation.


I had already sat through this particular assembly at least three or four times in my school life. Pricing a child's future against bags of rice.

Fair Trade is not a bad thing. Anyone who goes out of their way to help make someone else's life better has my respect.
But me buying this one bag of rice...might help one child.
I am a Communist.
And I am a woman.
I want to make every child's life better.