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International Women's Day each year provides an opportunity to focus in depth on the condition of women, the class struggle against inequality and the tasks that face us in the immediate and more long-term future.

In Britain, the austerity measures of the Coalition have been nothing less than a brutal assault on working class women. Beginning with the Emergency Budget of June 2010, draconian measures "to fill the economic deficit" have hit women hardest, taking their jobs and slashing the benefits and services on which so many depend. And, with less than a quarter of the already-planned cuts implemented, the worst is yet to come. To come, that is, unless we put a stop to it.

As a disabled woman, I have not only suffered from illness for most of my life, but from discrimination and stigma. I live in the cosy schizophrenic ghetto, where people are kind to each other, and help each other. But events outside the ghetto are moving on apace. We are demonised by the press and the Tories for being lazy scroungers, which is easy for them because there is nothing ostensibly wrong with us. Yet some of us – erroneously, like a friend of mine – fear for their life every day, and others of us – like another friend of mine – hear voices telling them that their friends are dead, or otherwise insulting them. This friend is afraid to go out because of what he might hear. Can you imagine living life like that?

When I carried my children every part of my being worked to nourish them with my very best of everything. This continued until they were weaned.

The world, like my body, works its hardest but it is not our children that are nourished.

Working parents, childcare costs, high bills squeeze us into needing cheaper foods. Suppliers cut corners to meet the needs of the super-power-markets who fight for the custom of the masses: the slaves that we have become. It is our Value Range-Blue-Stripe-chicken-nugget-fed children suffering the consequences of this profit driven system.

We nourish the Fat-Cry-Babies at the top! Why do we carry THEM?

We must stop the rich feeding off our children. Now would be good....