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As I reflect on the last 12 month's since our last IWD, it's hard sometime to be positive.

I have received a letter from the DWP spelling out changes to my state pension. I was expecting this on my 60th birthday next year, I will now have to work for a further six and a half years. We are repeated told that "we are all living longer, these changes are necessary due to the financial mess the last government left us in". I am not receptive to this nonsense! British Capitalists played a full part in preparing the Europe-wide attack on working pensions, in 2000 when a White Paper to the EU Lisbon Summit entitled European Pensions, Repeal for Reform – which really means a Repeal for Theft.

The South West Communist Party website has begun the publication of articles in Cornish.

The Communist Party believes that the distinctive cultural and social characteristics of Cornwall should be expressed through a directly elected Cornish Assembly, with powers that match local aspirations.

By translating sections of the site into Cornish we hope to promote that identity and support all those who campaign for a progressive Cornwall to oppose the reactionary policies of monopoly capital exercised through the British state.

"Finding the Cornish language on the internet is still quite a rare thing" said Ken Keable, South West District Secretary. "I'd like to thank the hard work of our Cornish comrades and the team behind the website in making this possible. We're all looking forward to expanding the Cornish sections even further".

We will be translating more articles all the time, so check for updates.

Summer 2012

Inside this issue: Mary Creagh on food poverty, Campaign Charter Page, Tolpuddle Supplement, Rebellion by poor men, A flaming spirit, On the road for climate jobs