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By Bill Greenshields, Chair of the National Commission of the People’s Charter

“Britain needs to wake up to the scale and extent of rural poverty. It is basically hidden poverty – it’s not in your face as much as it is in urban areas. They are, if you like, the forgotten people.” The words of Dr Stuart Burgess, the Government’s “Rural Advocate” – the Chair of the Commission for Rural Communities – in January 2010.

“The problem with the No Campaign is that they have got their arguments wrong – the problem with the Yes Campaign is that they have got their facts wrong” said Tim Gulliver, South Devon Branch Secretary at a local meeting this week.

The Communist Party, which has supported changing the electoral system to a proportional one since 1944, has called AV “a red herring. . . entrenching the worst aspects of First Past The Post”.

As both the “yes” and “no” campaigns assert that AV will either give more, or too much, influence to the smaller parties, the position of the Communist Party may seem unexpected.

That the struggle for women’s equality and freedom from oppression is a thing of the past, a battle won, something ours mothers and their mothers did is one of the most cruel untruths of our time, observes Liz Payne, CP Women's Organiser.

Two recent reports, the United Nation’s The World’s Women, published in (October 2010) and UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report, Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity (February 2011), make very sobering reading.