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Arms and Legs


We sell Arms and make great Legs

For Handsome Heroes

To wear at the Olympics

But what of the Innocents

Who know not where they tread?

Evaporated populations

Displaced millions without nations

We sail through recessions

Sell our weapons to 'Who Cares!'

Spread Despair and Death and Demonise

Whoever is required to Die

Who Cares?

Stand Up!

Say I!







PBJ Treglown '16 – '16


Nineteen sixteen to two thousand and sixteen is a century in which humanity has waged war upon itself on an unimaginable scale of trauma and waste.

The world war of nineteen fourteen to nineteen eighteen combined technology and industry to create what was termed at Verdun ' the meat grinder'. Today, conflicts are ever present, from the ruins of Aleppo to car bombs in Baghdad to random acts of violence in major European cities. Maybe, if instead of being at war with each other we were at war with war we would have peace and prosperity for all.

The works in this exhibition explore parallels between past and present conflicts and the militarisation of civilian life which began in earnest during the First World War and continues today with the surveillance culture of the 'war on terror'. War memorials and monuments are referred to and examined in the sculpture and installation pieces by the form of an 'anti-monument; the mass of life and material subsumed and re-purposed by the meat grinder of modern conflict.

Certainly this is a Paradise, Lost.


' Did I request thee maker, from my clay

To mould me man? Did I solicit thee

From darkness to promote me? '

John Milton






I Still...


I still hate Thatcher

I will hate May

She's married to a banker

What else is there to say?

Never trust a Tory

They're a pain in the c***

This is going to be a short story

Not much rhymes with c***


I still hate Thatcher

She was a c***

Austerity is a c***

Austerity is a lie

Don't trust the media

It's class war

Not race war

The rich are c****

But so am I


I still hate Thatcher

I will hate May

Resist our new fascist Tory dictator!

I've got class war sand in my vagina

Only a socialism revolution solution

Can douche the Tory scum away!



written by comrade BJ Treglown on the eve of Theresa May's succession to the Tory throne.