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Number 59: ● Hans Heinz Holz Antonio Gramsci’s Theory of the Party ● Roger Fletcher Twenty-First Century Vision Part I ● Andy Croft How the Spartans Stole the Bones of Orestes the Poetry of Yannis Ritsos in the Twenty-first Century ● Gawain Little New Draft of Britain’s Road to Socialism

Number 58: ● Andrew Murray 21st Century Anti-Imperialism ● Lars Ulrik Thomsen Lenin’s Analysis of Imperialism – a Pioneering Work ● Gretchen Binus The Financial Crisis ● Hans Heinz Holz György Lukács: A Militant Humanist ● Richard Maunders Why the Molotov- Ribbentrop Pact Was Necessary

Number 57: ● Ian Pinkus Capitalism in the 21st Century ● Ai Ping Socialism with Chinese Characteristics ● Ken Fuller Keeping the Fires Burning ● Ronnie Kasrils Eleanor Kasrils: a Eulogy ● Fidel Castro Ruz The Dangers that are Threatening Us ● Book Reviews ● Mike Quille Soul Food