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Number 56: ● Megan Dobney Economic Crisis – the Sunset for Capitalism? ● Martin Mayer Strong Left Unions can – and do – Win! ● John Foster Superprofit, the Super-Rich and the Failure of Britain’s Ruling Class ● Sitaram Yechury The International Communist Movement in the 21st Century ● Kevin Donnelly Youth Dependency and Resistance – a Marxist Perspective

Number 55: ● Gregor Gall The Potency of Occupations to Resist Redundancy ● Bill Greenshields and Graham Stevenson Trade Unions and Internationalism ● Peter Latham Theories of the State and Local Government, Part 3 ● Prabhat Patnaik Is the World Capitalist Crisis Over?

Number 54: ● Ernesto Dominguez López European Social Democracy: From the Welfare State to Neoliberalism ● Robert Griffiths Trends in the British Economy and Employment ● Rhys McCarthy, Joanne Stevenson and Harsev Bains Organising the Unorganised