This pamphlet from the Communist Party exposes twelve common myths peddled about EU membership.

Is the EU a source of employment? Is the EU a source of workers rights and benefits? Has the EU really brought peace to Europe? Can the EU be reformed?



The economics commission of the CP has produced this hard hitting discussion pamphlet on the essential tax reforms which should be featured in a left progressive programme, including: radical proposals to tackle tax evasion; restoring fair rates of corporation tax; introducing an innovative alternative to existing property and council taxes with one based on the actual value of land; and the introduction of an annual wealth tax aimed at the super-rich. It's a critical and comprehensive contribution to an often neglected incredibly topical issue, a must buy for any labour movement activist.

You can download the full pamphlet from Issuu.






This is the second edition of Introducing Marxism, the first having been published in 2003.

The text originates from a series of classes organised by the Cardiff branch of the Communist Party in 2002. Members and friends found the three sessions useful——due in no small part to their own enthusiastic discussion of the contents——and suggested that the presentations be published.

A revised version of the course was delivered to the Party's London Road Transport branch in May 2003, with similar results.


Assessing the Collapse of the Soviet Union, published in 1992 following our 41st Congress, forms the basis of the Communist Party's view of what went wrong in the Soviet Union.


This book challenges the consensus that has confined political economy to the options that the banks and big business will accept. Based on the policy agenda that Britain's trade union and labour movement have begun to shape it analyses what is wrong with the British economy, arguing that the country's productive base is too small, that the economy has become too financialised and that power has become concentrated on a narrow economic fraction based in the City.