Why We Stand

In our party programme, Britain's Road to Socialism, we argue that:

  • In Britain, the potential exists to pursue an alternative economic and political strategy that challenges and ultimately defeats the ruling class.
  • More specifically, a popular democratic anti-monopoly alliance can be built, led by the labour movement, to fight for a left-wing programme of policies that would make inroads into the wealth and power of the monopoly capitalists.
  • Through an upsurge in working class and popular action, a left government can be elected in Britain based on parliamentary majorities of Labour, socialist, communist and progressive representatives, and strengthened by the election of left majorities in Scotland and Wales.
  • In striving to implement the most advanced policies of a left-wing programme (LWP), the mass movement and its left governments will have to engage in a decisive struggle for state power and win.

It has been said, and still is by some, that there is no "parliamentary road to socialism". We believe that, as a political party, there is no road to socialism if we ignore the struggle to win true working-class representation in Parliament.

The two Communist Party candidates in South West England had strong campaigns in the 2015 general election. Thousands of flyers were distributed in each constituency, bold billboards delivered a strong message to voters and the hard work of both branches promoted Communist Party policy more widely than ever before.

Both candidates were warmly received at hustings and the campaigns received positive coverage in the North Devon Gazette, Plymouth Herald, Western Morning News, Radio Devon, Radio Plymouth, on the BBC and in national newspapers.

In North Devon Gerrard Sables increased his share of the vote from 2010 and in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport Laura-Jane Rossington exceeded her target.

Constituency  Candidate  Number of votes
Devon North  Gerrard Sables  138

Plymouth Sutton
and Devonport


You can find full results on the BBC website.

The North Devon Branch also stood candidates in the following local contests.

North Devon District Council Barnstaple Central ward - 2 seats
LibDem 892
LibDem 799
Tory 515
Green 478
Green 463
Tory 458
Communist Party 105 (Gerrard Sables)
No change

Barnstaple Town Council Barnstaple Central ward - 5 seats
LibDem 990
LibDem 960
LibDem 894
LibDem 867
LibDem 863
Green 707
Green 654
Green 567
Communist Party 205 (Gerrard Sables)
No change

Barnstaple Town Council Barnstaple Pilton ward - 4 seats
LibDem 1359
LibDem 1238
LibDem 1167
LibDem 1164
Green 940
Green 705
Communist Party 134 (Stuart McGuinness)
Communist Party 133 (Margaret McGuinness)
No change