Gerrard and Laura-Jane receiving cheques from the District Treasurer
Gerrard and Laura-Jane receiving cheques from the District Treasurer

Communist general election candidates Gerrard Sables (North Devon) and Laura-Jane Rossington (Plymouth Sutton and Devonport) and their election agents attended the February meeting of the South West England and Cornwall District Committee.

The meeting marked the start of the biggest election battle the region's communists have fought in a generation. Party branches from Cornwall to Swindon have pledged support for the two candidates as a busy schedule of public meetings, street stalls, door to door canvassing and mass leafleting is drawn up.

The party is targeting seats across the country with a focus on constituencies with weak or right-wing Labour candidates.

"Only Communist Party candidates will be campaigning for a wealth tax, the closure of British-run tax havens, public ownership of essential industries and services, a Trade Union Freedom Bill and a federal Britain with its own independent foreign and defence policy," explained District Secretary Ken Keable. "Communist candidates will raise the issues ignored by the other parties".

Each candidate also received £200 from the District towards funding their campaigns. Every voter in the North Devon and Plymouth Sutton and Devonport constituencies will receive election mailings from their candidate and there are also ambitious plans for billboard adverts and an election broadcast.

As CP General Secretary Rob Griffiths recently said, "We aim to run a high profile publicity campaign, with the possibility of Communist Party posters appearing on billboards and at other advertising sites in each constituency. With your help, our candidates and supporters will be painting cities, towns and villages red.

"That’s why a £15,000 election appeal was launched at our party congress in November, where delegates dug deep to give a total of nearly £2,000. Now we need YOUR help to go over the top!"

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