Gerrard Sables, North Devon Communist Party Branch Secretary, explains why he is standing in the year's local elections.

There is a problem with the Labour Party locally - it is bone idle. I don't say that just to be nasty, but they only stood one candidate in the 2011 Barnstaple Town Council elections.

I am going to stand in the Barnstaple North county division. This comprises three district and town council wards: namely Barnstaple Central in which I live and have fought two town council and one district council elections, Yeo where Paul Dyer stood for the Communist Party in 2007 and Pilton where the Communist Party has a stall each year at the huge Green Man festival. The county seat was fought by Paul Dyer for the party in 2009.

This election campaign will give voters a real choice to register a strong protest against this treacherous, dishonest and unpatriotic coalition. If elected I will take my fight against the austerity programme into the council chamber. I come from a solid trade union background and have followed the slogan "Educate, Agitate, Organise" all my life. I would expose the continuing attempts to turn public services into sordid business opportunities. I would work with not against the public sector unions.

However North Devon branch of the Communist Party is small and is going to need help. It needs both time and money from comrades and friends. There are nearly 10,000 voters to get leaflets to. We hope to hire a loudspeaker van. We want to debate the issues with the other candidates.

If you feel able to help the elction campaign, please contact Gerry on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.