Dear Voter

You are probably disgusted at the way rich bankers with huge bonuses are having their gambling debts paid for by cuts in public spending. Most people are a payday away from poverty. More and more of us are already poor. The National Health Service is being reduced to a set of business opportunities with profit as the driving force and the same is happening to education.

Companies like Babcock and South West Highways (a company formed by two gigantic French firms) profit from lucrative contracts with Devon County Council. So where we should be paying the wages of public employees to do the job, instead we pay for dividends, profits, executive bonuses and consultation fees.

So what could a lone communist do for the people of Barnstaple if elected?

I would obviously try to fight the continuing and increasing privatisation of our services. After all, workers who choose to work for the public should not be passed on to big companies with a maximum profit culture.

Bids for contracts should not be accepted from companies who have ever been found guilty of bad practices such as underpaying staff, discrimination, environmental damage, tax evasion and avoidance. No contractor should be allowed to hide information by the use of confidentiality clauses. I am sure I could persuade enough other county councillors to agree.

If elected I will hold regular report back meetings and surgeries.

I am active in fighting against the unnecessary and irresponsible cuts in public spending and will continue to do so whether I am elected or not.

Reject the Coalition Cowboys and vote Communist.