Taken from This is North Devon

Communist Party candidate Gerrard Sables was due to have a hammer and peace dove symbol next to his name on the ballot paper, having agreed as much with North Devon Council prior to the election.

But when he arrived at the Holy Trinity Church polling station at around 7am this morning he found a hammer and sickle symbol alongside his name.

“We’d chosen the hammer and peace dove symbol,” he said, “but instead we’ve got this and for some people it’s a bit negative.

He said he was content to let the election play out with the hammer and sickle symbol.

“If it affects the vote or not – we’ll see,” he said. “If we take it to the High Court and try to get the election cancelled I’d look a bit silly.

“I just want people to know I wanted the peace dove.”

He said he’d contacted the council and received an apology.

“I’m not enough of a conspiracy theorist to think it was deliberate,” he said. “It’s just a mistake.

“They’ve apologised and admit they were wrong.”