Since 1920 the Communist Party has been at the forefront of working class struggle in Britain. At its peak our party had 60,000 members and two Members of Parliament. Almost ninety years since its formation the Communist Party still plays a leading role in the fight to build a better, socialist, world. You can help rebuild the party and build a better future.

The following is an extract from a speech by Bill Greenshields, Communist Party Chair.

The Capitalist system is in crisis. The ruling class are engaged not just in the day to day class struggle, but have launched a class war. We advocate a broad anti-monopoly alliance, in which initiatives like the People’s Charter and People’s Assemblies are important, in winning a substantial and sustained shift to the left in the labour movement.

This is what our party programme refers to as “the first stage of the revolutionary process in Britain”. We are organising for coordinated and generalised industrial action, and widespread civil disobedience in order to make the country ungovernable, bring down the government and begin the struggle for the election of a progressive left government, which will mark the “second stage”.

Are we geared up to fight to WIN – or just PROTEST? For those who say we cannot expect to see socialism in our lifetime, and that to suggest that we will is just "pie in the sky" – we have to ask them, "What DO you expect to see in five, ten, twenty years?"

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Unlike most other political parties in Britain, the Communist Party is entirely funded by its members and supporters. Britain's Communists have a long and proud record of struggle in the mass movement and amongst the organised working class. Only limited resources hold us back from doing much more.

Please donate as much as you can, no sum is too small and every penny is put to good use. Donate today and help us to carry forward the struggle for peace and socialism.

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Ten people give one day's wage A general election contest


Our aim is to build socialism in our lifetimes. You can help us win.