Kernewek - Articles in Cornish

Below is a collection of the various Cornish articles on the website, written in Unified Cornish. The Communist Party believes that the distinctive cultural and social characteristics of Cornwall should be expressed through a directly elected Cornish Assembly, with powers that match local aspirations.

By translating sections of the site into Cornish we hope to promote that identity and support all those who campaign for a progressive Cornwall to oppose the reactionary policies of monopoly capital exercised through the British state.

Read this in CornishWhenever you see this symbol you can be taken directly to a Cornish version of the article you are reading. There will then be a link to take you back to your place in the English language version of the site. We will be translating more articles all the time, so check back on this page for updates.


Deryvadow Party an Gemynwer is available from the CPB national website



"Yma Towl an Party Gemynwer drehedhes dhe Vreten Socyalyth, may whra perghenna a'n dus an substans a'n  pyth us gwres, ha rannans, ha chanjyans, ha hemma a vyth usyes yn forth towlys rak dader oll an dus. Yma ethom dhyn wheldro gowal y'gan socyety, may whra cowldhyswres an towl capytalystek a dhrogusadow, ha may whra ry yn y le socyety socyalyth. Y'n socyety socyalyth, puponen a wra ry ran herwyth y allus, hag a wra degemeres gober herwyth ober cowlwres. An socyety socyalyth a wra formya an condycyons rak avonsya socyety kesunyans yn tyen, may whra puponen degemeres herwyth y ethom."

"The aim of the Communist Party is to achieve a socialist Britain in which the means of production, distribution and exchange will be socially owned and utilised in a planned way for the benefit of all. This necessitates a revolutionary transformation of society, ending the existing capitalist system of exploitation and replacing it with a socialist society in which each will contribute according to ability and receive according to work done. Socialist society creates the conditions for advance to a fully communist form of society in which each will receive according to need."

Yma towl a'n Party Kesunyans y’n scryven "An Forth Vretennek dhe Socyalyth" (Britain’s Road to Socialism).

Why a yl redya oll an scyrven yn un glyckya war an ymach awartha.

Y'n scryven-ma, an Party Kesunyans a wra presentya an wolok-ma:

An Randyr Soth-West Pow Saws ha Kernow a'n Party Gemynwer a vu fundys avar yn 2011. Why a yl redya notyans pryntys a'n cuntellyans fundyans y'n Steren Myttyn (Morning Star).

Yma agan randyr ow sewya an Randyr Dewnans ha Kernow ha'n Randyr West a Bow Saws kens. An Randyryow-ma a hedhas dhe obery, wosa  terryans an Party Kesunyans a Vreten Vur kens, yn 1991.

Kepar ha randyryow erel a'n Party Gemynwer, yma'n keth randyr dhyn avel an TUC; Bristol ha Kernow ha Dewnans ha Dorset ha Gloucestershire ha Glwas an Haf  ha Wiltshire. Yma dhyn gwyas bew a vranchys, hag yma agan ysyly yn formyans lafur ha formyans an weryn, ha formyans gorth-hylegyth, ha gorth-treghyans, ha Hedhas an Bresel, ha Scodhyans Cuba ha Palestyn, ha formyansow erel avonsyys.