An impressive £900.36 was raised for the Morning Star’s “Summer of Heroes” funding appeal at a barbecue in Taunton on 16 August organised by Somerset CPB branch.

Thirty-three people attended. Guest of honour was the paper’s Acting Editor, Ben Chacko, who made a speech and mixed informally with guests.

Local reader “Pete the Poet” Stevenson performed, with gusto and audience participation, his new poem, ending:

“So as we face our current challenges
Of austerity, war and greed
We look to the Tolpuddle Martyrs
In our hour of need.”

This looks like becoming an annual event.

Welsh Communists call on all comrades and supporters to meet at the main entrance, Newport train station, at 12.45 pm on Saturday 30th August to collect flags, banners, Morning Stars and leaflets before moving off at 1.00 pm, as a Party contingent, to assemble for the No To NATO march at Newport Civic Centre.

The Welsh Communist Party is supporting the week of action against NATO (see details below) but particularly urges the maximum mobilisation for Saturday's march and demo.

Saturday 30th August

Demonstration and March. Bring white flowers to lay at the Cenotaph. Meet in Civic Centre Car Park 1.00pm for March at 2.00pm, culminating rally in Westgate Square 3.30pm. Speakers include: Medea Benjamin, Bruce Kent, Pippa Bartolotti, Kate Hudson, Lindsey German, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Kagarlitsky, Marianne Owens, Bethan Jenkins. 

Start of Peace Camp at Tredegar Park. Family activities and food at the camp.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was formed in 1949 on the basis of a pack of lies.

The people of Britain were told at the time that this military alliance was simply a mutual self-defence pact. It was not aimed at any other country in particular and so did not contravene the Charter of the United Nations.

But it soon became clear that NATO was at the core of a string of US-led military alliances to encircle the Soviet Union, alongside SEATO and CENTO. US, British and NATO forward military bases stretched from Alaska, Canada and Iceland across to Scandinavia, Britain and Western Europe (including fascist Portugal), the Mediterranean, Turkey, the Indian Ocean, South-East Asia, South Korea, Japan and the Pacific. This ensured that Soviet cities could be hit by short and medium range as well as inter-continental nuclear missiles.

When the Soviet Union attempted to site its own short range missiles within striking distance of the US, to defend Cuba in 1962, the White House threatened all-out nuclear war to have them removed.

NATO was set up when the British government was lying about US bombers visiting here on temporary ‘training’ and goodwill purposes’. Some 66 years later, they are still here at US controlled sites originally designated as ‘RAF’ bases to fool the public.

Over three hundred people joined the "We are Bournemouth" demonstration on Saturday (23rd of August) against an EDL march planned on the same day.

Gathered on Horseshoe Common, religious and union representatives gave moving speeches before the anti-fascist protesters marched to the promenade. Shoppers joined the lively march which was supported by music from the English Disco Lovers.

Following the march our resident poet penned the following

We are Bournemouth!
Rich with history
So stupid were the EDL
To choose a town
I know so well

A counter rally was our choice
With music love
And peace and voice

Flags Red, flags Black
Unions, Yellow and Green
Yet not a Tory flag was seen

Perhaps behind the EDL
Those tories crouched?
UKIP as well

Your future phobic palid faces
Won't be winning any races.

The former home of the British Union of Fascists member Henry Williamson (famous for writing Tarka the Otter) is up for sale for £900,000. Below we reproduce a letter to the Western Daily Press from a leading trade union activist, Dave Chapple, in response to their recent article about the sale. You can read the original article here.

Henry Williamson "Esteemed"?

I write in astonishment at Jeff Wells' glowing half-page report on the sale of Henry Williamson's former mansion at Ox's Cross. (WDP, Wednesday.)

So Jeff describes Henry Williamson as "esteemed."

Esteemed by whom?

As a relatively famous author, Williamson was certainly esteemed by the 40,000 members of the British Union of Fascists, including their notorious leader Oswald Mosley, who were delighted when HW dedicated one of an interminable series of mediocre mid-1930's novels to Adolf Hitler.

The Communist Party of Britain condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria - whoever may be responsible. At the same time the CPB totally opposes the deployment of chemical weapons being used as a pretext for war - as they were previously in 2003 in Iraq.

As in 2003, military intervention is being actively prepared before any proof of responsibility has been established by the UN investigators and the UN Security Council. As in 2003, military intervention would be illegal under international law and the UN Charter.

Communist Party public meeting: 'Capitalist Crisis – Socialist Solution. On from the People's Assembly!'

Part of a national speaking programme of more than 30 events in towns and cities across England, Scotland and Wales the Communist Party will be holding a public meeting in Bristol on Wednesday 11th September under the slogan, 'Capitalist Crisis – Socialist Solution'. Our guest speaker will be CPB General Secretary Robert Griffiths.

This is our most ambitious speaking programme since the Great Miners' Strike in the mid-1980s. We aim to help build mass opposition to Tory-LibDem austerity and privatisation policies, We want to help change the terms of the political debate by countering the Tory argument that working class people have to pay for a crisis of capitalism and winning support for an alternative economic and political strategy the People's Charter and People's Assembly.

For more than 90 years, the Communist Party has a proud tradition of fighting exploitation and oppression, working with our allies in the progressive and labour movements to stand up for ordinary people against big business. We now face the fight of our lives to defend all the social gains made since 1945, which have created a fairer and more civilised society. Only by taking action can we defend jobs, pay, pensions and benefits and protect our schools and the NHS from privatisation..

We hope that you and others will join the discussion on how we can achieve a people's Britain not a bankers' Britain.

The meeting will be held at Tony Benn House, Victoria St, Bristol 7pm – 9pm

PRESS RELEASE: Friday 16th August 2013

110 Bridgwater Royal Mail strikers, out on the gate for their eighth day tomorrow, Saturday 17th, are more determined than ever to secure a decent settlement from their employer. They have also welcomed an intervention on their behalf from Len McCluskey of the Unite union.

The Bridgwater postmen and women are in the Bristol Branch of the CWU/Communication Workers Union, which is dealing with scores of local strike ballot requests from all over the country, as the Government prepares for its autumn plan to sell Royal Mail off.

Part of the Communist Party's National Speaking Tour - Capitalist Crisis, Socialist Solution. Speakers: Bill Greenshields (CPB Chair) and Bill Byrd (Secretary of Yeovil Branch of the Labour Party, delegate to Yeovil & District Trades Union Council and former Convenor of Stewards at Agusta-Westland, speaking in his personal capacity); also in his peronal capacity, Mr Vivian Willis, Secretary of Yeovil & District Trades Union Council.

Chair: Liz Payne. Bill Greenshields is also Chair of the People's Charter Commission and a former President of the National Union of Teachers.

Wednesday 11 September 2013, 19:00 - 21:00

Unity Hall, Central Road, Yeovil BA20 1JL (opposite the bus station)

The August edition of the newsletter from Devon members of the Communist Party.

To the Secretary, City of Plymouth Unison Branch

On behalf of the South West of England and Cornwall District of the Communist Party of Britain, I am writing to express our solidarity with the City of Plymouth Unison Branch and its members.

By de-recognising your union, Plymouth City Council is following a dangerous and provocative path, demonstrating its disdain for working people and determination to impose its draconian agenda with impunity.

Your actions, in defence of your members, are part of the front-line battle against the destructive policies of this Tory-led government and those whose interests it represents.

We salute your efforts in both opposing discriminatory cuts to council workers' pay and conditions and defending public services and jobs. We wish you every success.

In Solidarity,

On behalf of the District Committee,

Ken Keable

South West England and Cornwall District Secretary