In Solidarity with Venezuela - No to Imperialist Intervention!

Public meeting organised by the South West and Cornwall District of the CPB. Wednesday 8th April, 7pm, at Tony Benn House, Bristol

The speaker

Paul Dobson is a British journalist who has been living in Venezuela for 9 years. He is a member of the regional committee of the Venezuelan Communist Party for Merida state and is responsible for press and publicity. He receives Venezuela Solidarity Campaign delegations from Britain when they visit Venezuela. Paul is also a member of the CPB and used to be on the Young Communist League national executive committee.

The Chair

Liz Payne, is Communist Party Chair and member of its International Commission.

The meeting is taking place in the run up to the Global Action day In Solidarity with Venezuela - No to Imperialist Intrusion! - April 19th 2015.

The speaker will call for international solidarity in the light of the move by the US to categorise Venezuela as a national threat to the US. There will be an introduction by the speaker followed by plenty of time for questions and discussion.

All welcome

Download the flyer and directions to the venuw below

8th April - Solidarity with Venezuela

No2EU candidate Alex Gordon exposes the reality behind claims that 3.5 million jobs will disappear unless Britain remains locked into the European Union, writing in the Morning Star.

The popularity of the European Union, not only in Britain but among citizens of every member state, is collapsing.

Eurobarometer, the EU's own polling organisation, found public confidence in the EU at its lowest-ever levels. Since May 2007, in Poland distrust of the EU has risen from 18 to 42 per cent, in Italy from 28 to 53, in France from 41 to 56 per cent, in Germany from 36 to 59 per cent, in Britain from 49 to 69 per cent and in Spain from 23 to 72 per cent.

When the euro was introduced in 2002, EU leaders promised full employment by 2010. Eurostat unemployment figures for the EU28 as of January 2014 remain at historically high levels.

This article appeared in the Morning Star during the SW TUC conference. Joanne Kaye is regional secretary of Unison south-west.

Unions across south-west England gather in Devon this weekend at the annual regional TUC conference.

After a seemingly endless week of state-sponsored political broadcasting through the medium of Thatcher's funeral it is an ideal time to refocus our thoughts on how we tackle austerity and continue the fightback on behalf of our members.

The death of Thatcher has brought back bitter memories of the harm inflicted on workers and their communities and many of the comrades gathered in Croyde Bay will remember those years and the relentless attacks by her government on working people.

Devon County Council communist candidate for Barnstaple North, Gerrard Sables, discusses education policy and spending.

Sunday 28th April 12.30-2.30pm
Fill Bristol Cathedral with trade union banners

A historic event is being planned in Bristol Cathedral to remember those who have been killed or injured during the course of their work.

Open to people of all faiths and none, the event will bring together a range of people to honour those killed at work and commit to defending health and safety at work.

South West TUC Regional Secretary Nigel Costley said: "Workers' Memorial Day is marked around the world. This will be a historic occasion and one fitting to those killed and injured as a result of their work, while we redouble our efforts to keep workers safe."

Nigel Costley said: "Those that knock health and safety should be reminded what safety law is all about - preventing deaths and accidents like these. Not only do funding cuts to the HSE and local authorities mean there are fewer official safety inspections, the government has also said that workplaces like shops, offices, schools, docks and farms no longer need to be routinely visited.

Speakers will include NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet, Julia Verne from the South West Public Health Observatory, Farzana Saker from Bristol Multi-Faith Forum, David Smith from the Blacklist Support Group, Sam Maher from Labour behind the Label and Canon Tim Higgins. Bristol's Red Notes Choir will provide the musical accompaniment. BBC Points West's Sally Challoner will interview the families of people who have died as a result of their work.

Dear Voter

You are probably disgusted at the way rich bankers with huge bonuses are having their gambling debts paid for by cuts in public spending. Most people are a payday away from poverty. More and more of us are already poor. The National Health Service is being reduced to a set of business opportunities with profit as the driving force and the same is happening to education.

Companies like Babcock and South West Highways (a company formed by two gigantic French firms) profit from lucrative contracts with Devon County Council. So where we should be paying the wages of public employees to do the job, instead we pay for dividends, profits, executive bonuses and consultation fees.

We're listing May Day events organised by various groups and organisations from around the South West. Contact us if yours is not listed.

So far we know of events in Bristol, Exeter, Bridport, Plymouth, Torquay, Dorchester and Yeovil.


Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths has issued the following statement in response to the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:

Thatcher governments inflicted enormous damage on the fabric of British society. Many working class communities were torn apart by mass unemployment, poverty, drugs and alcohol abuse as the result of Tory policies.

She and her regime waged war against organised labour at home, privatised valuable utilities, locked Britain into the European Union and revived the readiness to engage in imperialist wars abroad.

Margaret Thatcher was an "enemy within" who faithfully represented the interests of financial big business. She leaves a challenge to the labour movement to rebuild productive industry, restore social justice and regain trade union and other democratic rights.

We ask women in Barnstaple North to vote for Gerrard Sables because. . .

CPB District Secretary Ken Keable took part in a live radio programme "Friday Drivetime" on Friday 29 March. It was on Bristol not-for-profit radio station BCFM with Tony Gosling and Martin Summers. Ken says, "I was completely unprepared for the first couple of questions (as I had expected only a review of current news) but I soon got into my stride." Ken was asked back after a previous broadcast on the station, when he talked about his book London recruits - the secret war against apartheid.

Click on the image above to listen to the programme.

The Communist Party supports the People's Assembly being held on Saturday the 22nd of June. A new website has just been launched with more information.

In May Bristol residents will be asked to choose in a referendum whether or not they want an elected mayor. The Communist Party opposes elected mayors and in the article below Peter Latham, a member of the party's Economic Committee, outlines why.

The Tory-led coalition Government plus previous Conservative and New Labour governments - despite their rhetoric emphasising "community empowerment" and "localism" - in practice have all intervened on behalf of monopoly capitalism to restore the conditions in which profitable investment and capital accumulation can take place.

Hence the main aim of the Localism Act 2011 - which gives Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) at least 142 powers to lay down regulations and issue guidance and should be called the Centralism Act - is to complete the privatisation of local government services started under previous Tory governments and intensified under New Labour. 

There are 13 English councils (Bedford, Doncaster, Hackney, Hartlepool, Leicester, Lewisham, Mansfield, Middlesbrough, Newham, North Tyneside, Torbay, Tower Hamlets and Watford) with US-style executive mayors following New Labour's Local Government Act 2000. Moreover, the mayoral system:

  • with power in the hands of one person leads to cronyism, patronage and corruption;
  • is the optimal internal management arrangement for privatised local government services;
  • removes the working class from this layer of local democracy;
  • creates an arena focused on personalities not politics;
  • has not increased turnout;
  • lacks voter support;
  • has an undemocratic voting system;
  • gives voters no right of recall.

Communist Party flags

The end of April and beginning of May will see events and marches taking place around the region to commemorate and celebrate May Day and Workers' Memorial Day.

Workers' Memorial Day takes place annually around the world on the 28th of April and is an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

May Day, or International Workers' Day, is a celebration of the international labour movement. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries, unfortunately Britain is not one of them (though we do have a bank holiday on the nearest Monday, but even that is under threat from this anti-working class government).