This Saturday, the 16th of March, protests are being held across the country against what has become known as the "Bedroom Tax".

Changes to housing benefit mean that many thousands of people will be worse off from the 1st of April. The lead organiser, Dr Éoin Clarke explained the decision to commence this wave of campaigning.

"The bedroom tax affects nearly 700,000 people the majority of whom are disabled. One quarter of those affected are lone parents. Other people hit with this penalty include carers, terminally ill, foster children, families with children fighting in Afghanistan, and many more besides. The great majority of British people think this is unfair. Not even a majority of Tory voters support this cruel policy.”

The South West events are in:

BathBristolCamborneExeterPlymouthTauntonSt Austell and Weymouth (note the Weymouth event is on the 15th)

Download our flyer:

Bedroom Tax Flyer

Anti bedroom tax flyer, generic SW Communists branding