With Our Memory on The Future (NC)
Dir: Delso Aquino Baňos.

This documentary was produced by the Federation of Cuban Women on the 45th anniversary of its founding. The film examines the progress that Cuban women have made since 1959.

Through interviews on the streets, in the workplace, and in schools, attitudes towards women's equality, sexuality, divorce, children and other questions are frankly discussed.

There is an alternative to the imposed austerity we are faced with in our capitalist country! A strategy to better tackle both the unprecedented unravelling of previous progress on women's equality and Britain's slow and low economic growth. The difficult climate of cuts sees the gender gap widening and now poses a real threat to reversing gains in women's equality. It is relevant to look to socialist Cuba as an example of how the Cuban Federation of Women have turned the tide in their difficult circumstances. National Federation of Women and Cuba Solidarity speakers to be announced soon for this film night.

Cuba 2006. 63 mins. Subtitled.

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