The South West TUC has published a new guide that outlines the facts around immigration and emigration in the South West region.

"The issues of immigration and population are hotly debated and affect how people are treated at work and in our communities," says Nigel Costley, South
West TUC Regional Secretary.

"Trade unions speak up for working people. That means protecting wages and conditions from being undercut. It also means supporting workers when they are being exploited by employers and gang masters. So we have a duty to arm trade union representatives with the facts on population and migration."

The anti-migrant bandwagon is struggling to cope with the flood of politicians trying to climb on board. The tidal wave of hysteria rushing through certain newspapers is threatening to swamp any hope of a debate based upon facts and real-life experiences. 

Even before the 1st of January changes for Romanian and Bulgarian workers certain politicians have been free to spin all sorts of nonsense about migration. As a result the gulf between public perception around these issues and the reality is massive. This booklet gives the facts about South West population and helps bridge the gap.

 You can download the booklet from