On the 26 March the NUT will be taking national strike action in England and Wales. The Communist Party in South West England and Wales supports their action.

The action is being taken against:

  • Excessive workload and bureaucracy
  • Performance related pay and in defence of a national pay scale system
  • Unfair pension changes

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union said:

"Teachers deeply regret the disruption caused by this strike action to parents and teachers. The Government's refusal, however, to engage to resolve the dispute means that we have no alternative other than to demonstrate the seriousness of our concerns.

"Teachers' levels of workload are intolerable - the Government's own survey, published last month, shows that primary school teachers work nearly sixty hours a week and secondary school teachers work nearly fifty-six hours a week. Two in five teachers are leaving the profession in the first five years of teaching as are many others. This is bad for children and bad for education.

"Destroying the national pay framework means that in every school head teachers and governors have to worry about developing a pay system instead of focussing on teaching and learning. The Government’s performance related pay is unnecessary and will build unfairness and additional bureaucracy. Further, international evidence shows that performance related pay does not work for schools.

"Teachers do not believe that they can work to the age of 68 or even later for a full pension - and they don't believe it is educationally desirable either. The NUT recognises that other workers are having their pensions squeezed. We believe that this is wrong too - everyone should be entitled to a decent standard of living in retirement.

"Michael Gove can resolve this situation by listening to our concerns and doing something about them. Our concerns are not just for teachers but for the future standard and provision of education".

Several rallies are being held in the South West and Cornwall


March - 11:30 Assemble: College Green, BS1 5UY

Rally - 13:00 Castle Park: Speeches, food stalls, campaign stalls and music.


March - 10:30 Assemble: Hall for Cornwall, Back Quay, Truro, TR1 2LL

Rally - Town Hall, Truro City Council Municipal Buildings, Boscawen Street


March - 11:00 Assemble: Northernhay Gate, Northern Hay Gardens, Queen Street, Exeter

Rally - 12:00 Sidwell Street Methodist Church, Sidwell Street, Exeter,EX4 6PH


Rally - 11:00 The Allendale Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster Bournemouth, BH21 1AS