In Solidarity with Venezuela - No to Imperialist Intervention!

Public meeting organised by the South West and Cornwall District of the CPB. Wednesday 8th April, 7pm, at Tony Benn House, Bristol

The speaker

Paul Dobson is a British journalist who has been living in Venezuela for 9 years. He is a member of the regional committee of the Venezuelan Communist Party for Merida state and is responsible for press and publicity. He receives Venezuela Solidarity Campaign delegations from Britain when they visit Venezuela. Paul is also a member of the CPB and used to be on the Young Communist League national executive committee.

The Chair

Liz Payne, is Communist Party Chair and member of its International Commission.

The meeting is taking place in the run up to the Global Action day In Solidarity with Venezuela - No to Imperialist Intrusion! - April 19th 2015.

The speaker will call for international solidarity in the light of the move by the US to categorise Venezuela as a national threat to the US. There will be an introduction by the speaker followed by plenty of time for questions and discussion.

All welcome

Download the flyer and directions to the venuw below

8th April - Solidarity with Venezuela