A people's alliance led by the labour movement needs to be built against this government and the bankers who dictate its policies. Links need to be forged and strengthened between trades unions, Trades Councils, anti-cuts campaigns, local community groups, students and pensioners. This would help pave the way for mass activity in the new year, including generalised strike action. It is the embryonic type of alliance outlined in the new edition of Britain's Road to Socialism.

The Communist Party believes it important for success on the day, and in the movement which needs to grow after it, to emphasise the following points:

  • The strike in defence of public sector pensions is also defending the quality of public sector jobs and the services they produce.
  • Defending decent pensions in the public sector is part of the struggle to defend and improve state and private sector pensions as well.
  • Defeating plans to extend people's working lives will provide employment opportunities for other workers, especially the million young unemployed.
  • Cutting the amount of retired workers' pensions reduces spending power in the economy at a time when we need to maintain and increase economic demand in order to avoid a second recession.

Events planned by local unions and Trade Councils are to take place across the South West. Below is a list of what has been announced so far. 

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1pm Victoria Park, 2pm march for a rally at 3pm


12 noon March from Central Library, the Triangle to Rally in the Royal Bath Hotel from 12.45pm


11am Assemble at College Green, march at 11.30 to Rally at 12.30 in Castle Park.


10.30am March from Dorset County Council offices to Rally in South Street at 11am


11am March from Cathedral Green to St James Park for a Rally at 12.30pm


1pm March from outside Shire Hall to Gloucester Park for Rally at 2pm


11am March from outside Guildhall to the Holiday Inn, Armada Way for a Rally at 1pm. Children's crèche and activities for older kids. Evening event in the Voodoo Lounge.


10am March from Canal Wharf to the MECA Theatre, Regent Circus SN1 1PR for Rally at 11am


12 noon March from the Old Cattle Market to outside Somerset County Council offices for a Rally at 1.30pm


10.30am Rally at Castle Circus outside Torquay Town Hall


11.30am Gather outside Wiltshire Council offices


10am Rally in Hall for Cornwall