Liberation logoInternational solidarity is always needed. Liberation is an organisation which embraces many causes and has been responsible for founding many successful solidarity organisations.

North Devon Liberation is holding an international event on Saturday 14 January at 2.00pm at the Guild Hall, High Street, Barnstaple. This will be followed by a shared meal at the Castle Centre, Castle Street, Barnstaple.

The guest speaker will be Cahit Baylav of Liberation. He is from Turkey and will be briging his violin. Exeter CND has expressed a wish to attend as has Palestine Solidarity Campaign and North Devon Liberation member Dave Clinch, who will talk about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Also present will be a member of the Tudeh Party of Iran Navid Shomali and Cahit Baylav a former political refugee from Turkey who is on Liberation's National Council.

Music will be provided by a band including musicians from Bolivia, Colombia, Britain and Chile and by both Cahit Baylav and Dave Clinch.

Come to the event, enjoy it and be inspired by it. Enjoy the meal and let's make 2012 a year when North Devon reaches out to the world.


José Mateo, Chair

Gerrard Sables, Secretary