Meet Liz Payne Communist Party national chair and Gerrard Sables North Devon parliamentary candidate as well as Margaret and Stuart McGuinness who are standing in the local elections.

The purpose of this get together is so that voters can:

  • find out about Party policy
  • meet like minded so we are prepared for politics after the election
  • ask awkward questions of the candidates

We want to see as many at this event as possible.

Liz Payne will talk for about 10 minutes on what the Communist Party is doing and saying. We are keeping it brief to enable plenty of audience participation.

Tuesday 7th April 2015


Castle Centre

Castle Street


Gerrard Sables, Communist general election candidate for North Devon, discusses the campaign so far and outlines some of the issues the branch will be campaigning on.

In Texas Communists are still not allowed to stand for public office. Here in Britain we have always been allowed to stand. I first stood for the Communist Party in 1979 for what was the Trinity ward of North Devon District Council. Prior to that we had supported the Labour party with precious little thanks for it. The local Labour Party's attitude to us was one of tolerant contempt. This completely changed when we showed we could run a campaign.

This will be my twelfth contest and our local branch's fourteenth. On May7 th I will be standing for MP and this time three of our members will be fighting for seats on Barnstaple Town Council and on North Devon District Council.