The People's Charter website has had a complete makeover.

"We hope the new website will be a useful place for activists in the movement against austerity.

"You will find brief news articles that will find their way into a monthly newsletter and a new blog to discuss alternatives to austerity. Our new site is shared with the Scottish Peoples Charter with a link through to the e-petition to be taken to the Scottish Parliament and their regular blog. New ideas, help and content for the website always welcome." 

The West Country stands to be relegated to the bottom division of the Chancellor's proposed new pay league, the South West TUC has warned.

George Osborne is in tomorrow's Budget expected to announce measures to introduce regional pay measures for public servants - a move that would see workers in the South West earn less than their counterparts in other parts of the country.

The South West TUC fears a move to further cut public sector pay will hit the region hard because of the high percentage (27.1%) of public sector workers in the South West and because of the already low pay (£1.58 per hour less than the UK average). Devon and Cornwall, in particular, would be badly affected because the pay rates for the two counties are lower still - £2.55 less for Devon and £3.59 less for Cornwall than the £14.90 national average.