In the mostly widely supported joint declaration for decades, 64 communist and worker's parties across the world join forces to declare "We are totally opposed to any military action against Iran!"

We the undersigned Communist and Workers Parties express our grave concerns and strong condemnation of the recent statements by the Israeli policy makers, about attacking Iran. We believe the statements of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, signalling that Israel is prepared to wage a pre-emptive military attack on Iran before the US election, could drag the region into a new war with unimaginable consequences. There are important indications that the Israeli plans are coordinated with powerful officials in the US administration and certain governments of the EU.

We simultaneously condemn the position of the US and EU in the form of the consenting silence with regards to the actions of the state of Israel. We believe that the policies of US imperialism and its allies with regards to the nations of Middle East have encouraged the Israeli leadership to feel free to promote openly aggressive and belligerent policies whose consequences would be to inflame the entire region of the Middle East and jeopardize global peace. We believe that the key to removing tensions in the region and securing peace is to denounce military interventions, overt and covert, in the countries of the Middle East. All conflicts and disputes in the region should be resolved through negotiation based on preserving peace and the Charter of the UN and respect for the sovereignty of nations.

We declare our solidarity with the struggle of the Iranian people for peace, human and democratic rights and social justice. We strongly believe that the destiny of Iran and its social-political structure is only for the Iranian people to decide. We believe heightening the tension by declaring irresponsible positions such as annihilation of the state of Israel and military gestures regarding the closure of Strait of Hormouz, by some of the Iranian regimes leaders, only serves Imperialist plans for military intervention in the region. We once again declare our support for the struggle of the Iranian working class and its Party, the Tudeh Party of Iran and all the progressive and democratic forces fighting for democracy, independence, social justice and a region free from Imperialist military presence and intervention.

1. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)
2. Communist Party of Australia
3. Communist Party of Austria
4. National Liberation Front, Bahrain
5. Communist Party of Bangladesh
6. Communist Party of Belgium
7. Workers Party of Belgium
8. Communist Party of Brazil
9. Workers Party, Brazil
10. Communist Party of Britain
11. Communist Party of Canada
12. Communist Party of Catalonia
13. Communist Party of Chile (Chile)
14. Communist Party of Columbia
15. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
16. AKEL (Cyprus)
17. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic)
18. Communist Party in Denmark
19. Communist Party of Egypt
20. Communist Party of Finland
21. Communist Party of France
22. German Communist Party (DKP)
23. Communist Party of Greece
24. Communist Party of Guadeloupe
25. Hungarian Communist Workers Party
26. Communist Party of India
27. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
28. Communist Party of Israel
29. Tudeh Party of Iran
30. Communist Party of Iraq
31. Communist Party of Ireland
32. Workers Party of Ireland
33. Communist Refoundation Party of Italy
34. Party of Italian Communists (Italy)
35. Communist Party of Jordan
36. Socialist Party of Latvia
37. Communist Party of Lebanon
38. Socialist People's Front (Lithuania)
39. Communist Party of Luxemburg (KPL)
40. Communist Party of Malta
41. Communist Party of Martiniquais
42. Communist Party of Mexico
43. Party of Progress and Socialism (Morocco)
44. Democratic Socialist Vanguard Party (Morocco)
45. Communist Party of Norway
46. People's Party of Palestine
47. Communist Party of Pakistan
48. Communist Party of Peru
49. Communist Party of Poland
50. Communist Party of Portugal
51. Communist Party of People's of Spain
52. Communist Party of Sweden
53. Communist Party of Sudan
54. Communist Party of Russian Federation
55. Party of Independence and Labour of Senegal
56. Communist Party of Spain
57. Communist Party of South Africa
58. Communist Party of Reunionese
59. Communist Party of Turkey
60. Movement Ettajdid (Tunisia)
61. Worker Party of Tunisia
62. Communist Party of USA
63. Communist Party of Uruguay
64. Polisario Front (Western Sahara)