UNISON South West Retired Members Advisory Committee members today, Tuesday 15 January, condemned the latest Government's proposals for state pensions.

The committee, which comprises of retired UNISON members from every part of the region, expressed grave concern at the Government's most recent proposals on the state pension.

The Committee Chair, said:

"We want to join UNISON nationally and reiterate its warning that many workers will still face poverty in retirement, despite the government's claims that its proposed overhaul of the state pension system will improve pensions.

"The committee is urging UNISON to do everything possible to ensure that public awareness is raised of the potential threat to the living standards of retired people and to campaign in unison to ensure that members do not pay more for longer to get less.

"We have grave concerns about this proposal. This is a serious issue for all working members if future poverty in retired life is to be avoided."

The committee also urged all UNISON members to note that the proposed £144 a week state pension payment that is being suggested is well below the poverty line of £170 a week.