Campaign Plan

Each year the Communist Party sets out key priorities for areas of work over the coming year, published as a "Party Campaign Plan".

The following text is taken from the introduction to this year's party campaign plan


  1. The Communist Party's central objective in the current period remains that of turning the financial and economic crisis of capitalism into a political crisis for the Con-Dem government and the ruling class. In the course of this struggle, it is likely that deeper questions would be raised within the working class and progressive movements about relations between the battle for reforms, political representation of the working class and the fight for state power.
  2. Our strategy is to build a broad, democratic, popular anti-monopoly alliance aimed at the big capitalist monopolies and the British state power which promotes their interests. Such an alliance would have to be firmly based on the leading role of the organised working class, developing its power and winning recognition by trade unions, campaigning organisations and local communities of the class nature of the crisis. It also demands that divisions within the working class are overcome, notably between public and private sector workers, the employed and unemployed, men and women workers, workers in the regions and nations of Britain and between those of different national or ethnic origin, while also combating false-consciousness notions of 'Middle England', the so-called 'squeezed middle' and who is or not 'middle class'. We need tactics and slogans which emphasise collective interests and the common enemy, for working class and people's unity against the Con-Dem government and monopoly capital.