The Communist Party's well-attended 52nd congress in November 2012 was a political success in terms of the quality of the debate and the unity around the resolutions. Every Party organisation should consider its decisions as a specific agenda item. The Congress Report will be published online and in pamphlet form.

This strategic document sets out our top ten priority areas of work over the coming 18 months to two years in the light of those decisions. Its priorities have been selected by the January 2013 Executive Committee (EC) because they will contribute strategically to strengthening the Communist Party and the labour and progressive movements.

For the People's Charter and a people's Britain!

Build the Communist Party and the labour movement!

Together for our future - a world to win!

You can read the campaign plan in full on the main party site. A summary of the main points can be found below.


Anti-cuts and People's Charter

· Help to build broad-based anti-cuts campaigns.

· Promote the People's Charter, appoint People's Charter organisers and lay the basis for establishing local Charter campaign committees by mid-2014.

Trade union movement

· Broaden and strengthen local Trades Councils.

· Discuss trade union work regularly in Party meetings and promote Needs of the Hour model resolutions.

· Ensure that every Party district and nation has a trade union organiser to coordinate activities.

Morning Star

· Plan more public sales of the paper.

· Organise broad-based Morning Star public meetings.

· Ensure at least one Morning Star Readers & Supporters Group functions in each Party branch area, and a union-based Morning Star Campaign Committee in each district and nation, by sometime in 2014.


· Appoint women's organisers and promote the Charter for Women and the National Assembly of Women.

· Help to organise a broad International Women's Day event in March 2013 and/or 2014.

· Lay the basis for establishing a broad-based NAW organisation in 2014.

Racism and fascism

· Strengthen broad-based campaigning organisations and build unity wherever possible.

· Ensure that every district and nation is represented on the Party Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism Commission.


· Plan for Party contests in the May 2013 and May/June 2014 local elections where appropriate.

· Consider taking up local issues and producing a local newsletter for targeted areas.

European Union

· Plan specific local initiatives to expose the class character of the EU, linking this work to the struggle against austerity and privatisation, for popular sovereignty.


· Plan solidarity work with an agenda item discussion at Party meetings.

· Affiliate Party organisations to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and help build local, broad-based solidarity bodies.

Peace and anti-imperialism

· Support organisations in solidarity with the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Iran.

· Help to reinvigorate CND and other peace organisations through affiliations and helping to found or strengthen local organisations.

The Communist Party

· Appoint Party branch, district and nation officers to lead work in relation to the People's Charter, trade unions, women, the Morning Star, Palestine, Party literature and political education.

· Allocate and assist local Party members to attend Party national mobilisations and events.

· Participate in the Party programme of public meetings.

· Develop a rigorous approach to all important aspects of Party organisation and activity.