Communist Party public meeting: 'Capitalist Crisis – Socialist Solution. On from the People's Assembly!'

Part of a national speaking programme of more than 30 events in towns and cities across England, Scotland and Wales the Communist Party will be holding a public meeting in Bristol on Wednesday 11th September under the slogan, 'Capitalist Crisis – Socialist Solution'. Our guest speaker will be CPB General Secretary Robert Griffiths.

This is our most ambitious speaking programme since the Great Miners' Strike in the mid-1980s. We aim to help build mass opposition to Tory-LibDem austerity and privatisation policies, We want to help change the terms of the political debate by countering the Tory argument that working class people have to pay for a crisis of capitalism and winning support for an alternative economic and political strategy the People's Charter and People's Assembly.

For more than 90 years, the Communist Party has a proud tradition of fighting exploitation and oppression, working with our allies in the progressive and labour movements to stand up for ordinary people against big business. We now face the fight of our lives to defend all the social gains made since 1945, which have created a fairer and more civilised society. Only by taking action can we defend jobs, pay, pensions and benefits and protect our schools and the NHS from privatisation..

We hope that you and others will join the discussion on how we can achieve a people's Britain not a bankers' Britain.

The meeting will be held at Tony Benn House, Victoria St, Bristol 7pm – 9pm